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"Travelling to Greenland a quality hunting adventure

is what most hunters expect."


Nature is powerful and the extreme conditions the Inuit people have lived under in this fantastic environment for human existence has created a strong sense of community and enjoyment of company.  Icebergs and the inland ice are the most famous aspects of nature. Huge blue and white icebergs in fantastic shapes float on the deep blue sea.

Greenland is also about wildlife in the environment of green mountains with wild Arctic flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs, mountains, rivers and lakes. Animals thrive on land and at sea

  • muskox

  • caribou

  • arctic fox

  • hares

  • ptarmigan

  • eagle

  • duck

  • waterfowl

  • whales and seals. 


The King Eider duck is the bird of choice for our hunters to pursue. 

  • Old squaw (longtails)

  • Common eiders

and a variety of Shore birds are taken on our hunts. 
A combo hunt can be done with a Muskox during our Spring duck hunts.

Waterfowl hunt in Sisimiut
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SEASON 2021-2022

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